sexta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2009

Good-Byes e Hellos*

I will put on a fight tonight so we can be together, but my only real enemy is you. I feel you are not so sure we still worth fighting for, from my part i can say i will always love you and think about you- and i don´t even mean like lovers or on this love stories, but like someone who was really important in my life- and that´s the sadest thing cause i know i can´t stand being at the same place with you without taking my eyes from you or hope for some kind of sign form your part. Oh my God, how can i be so stupid? You don´t even notice me anymore, so i guess it´s time for me to do the same. Bye have a good life.

*esse post não tem nada a ver com o meu atual estado de espirito, nem sei o motivo de o estar publicando.

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