domingo, 19 de julho de 2009

The Wait

I´m standing here waiting, waiting for my life to change, for you to come and take me, for my words and thoughts make any sense... but all that wait always turns out to be not enough cause nothing really happens. And i keep hanging on to anything at all, even that's for a while. If i scream for all i want no one will listen and that's the hardest part cause i'm really trying my best and puting my all being in everything i do.
I don't recognize this person staring back at me when i look in the mirror, so i look away and try to ignore him, but he is the very best and worst part of me at the same time and i can't let go, although i'd love to leave him behind and start all over but i can't so i keep waiting, waiting and waiting...
My life is turning to something i don't really like and the worst is that everytime i do something for me everyone around me try to bring me down and tell me how wrong i am. But i go ahead and keep doing my own things until i get to tired to fight with everybody, so i fall and let people's words hurt me and guide the way i do things in my own life. It fells like i'm not my own owner and there is always someone telling me how to deal with things. Now i decided that i'm going to do things my way and if i get hurt but consequences a will know that there are because i did things my way and it's only up to me live with these consequences.
I'm tired of waiting, waiting and waiting...

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