quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2009

You and Only You

I´m still waiting for you to come and rock my world, to lift me up high and never go away or let me down, but you´re still only on my mind.

I don´t think your mother and father have even met yet so i´m really afraid that won´t be much time left for us. So i keep puting on a smile and living my life as if everything was ok, when nothing is really ok.

And if you come and like me, i wonder if i won´t push you away like i do with most of people i meet. But i hope you see me as i am and know that is all a disguise so i keep myself for you and only you, ´cause if a keep giving myself away to anyone who crosses my way by the time you come i won´t be able to recognize how special and worth you are.

But don´t keep me waiting much longer ´cause i don´t know how much i can still wait...

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