quinta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2009


You´re vanishing before my very eyes, and there is nothing i can do to keep you in sight.

If i told you that i love you it wouldn´t make much difference ´cause i´ve done it all before and you still act like non sense.

So now i will live with my pain and take you out of my plans. But if come back i take you like nothing ever happened to tears us apart.

Just don´t leave me here all alone thinking you may never return from your journey to my arms. That would be just too sad. Everytime you appears in my mind i start to cry and wonder why, so i get to think something else beside how i´m sad. And these tears just fall but it´s not really my fault.

Tears don´t show half what i´m going through for still being in love with you. And they don´t mean a thing since you´re not here with me.

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